Free Email Lookup Tool Comparison [2021]

In 2019, the global number of email users reached about 3.9 billion people, according to Statista. That email user data is estimated to reach 4.6 billion users in 2025. With so many people using emails, that means a free email lookup tool is more necessary than ever to find and start conversations with prospects. With the click of a button, you can find email addresses from online sources from the right free email lookup tool., a tool used for finding someone’s email and verifying email addresses, has all the qualities that a free email lookup tool needs.’s easy-to-use Chrome extension specializes in finding verified company contact information.’s email lookup features are easy to use and allow you to search for cold prospects on their LinkedIn social media account or through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

If you want to finish creating that list of relevant emails and send out a successful outreach campaign, then review the table below to see how’s web extension compares to other free email lookup tools in 2021.


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